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What even is this blog?

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What even is wondering in color?

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I took a break, after I barely started. This sounds like a failure, but I think it was needed for my peace. I started out this blog with Franci, and then life hit both of us with new jobs. Jobs are blessings, but also took up more of our time. Jobs +  life ended up with me back to college my level coffee intake and long hours in front of the computer. Wondering in Color felt like it would be more work than play. I want some place to create without pressure, something closer to play, but with growth. 

I want Wondering in Color to be that. Full of color. Blogging and work can start to feel dull, routine, grey. I want this blog to be an adventure, a journey. Come along with me as I travel through life. At this point in time posts will be at random. I will be trying to post more on Instagram, so go ahead and follow along. At this point, Wondering in Color will be a lifestyle blog, a creative blog, because it is my own and my life and my journey to live creatively. Unlike my beauty blog, I won’t be an “expert” a “guru” or something to look to for advice, I’ll be just, me.

I also struggled with the idea of beauty on this blog, as beauty blogging in a large part of my life. I work for a network, I am constantly creating looks and videos in the beauty genre. I realized that IS part of my life, so I won’t be posting tutorials or the like, but thoughts, colors and more creative endeavors with cosmetics may make an appearance over here. I realized that if this is going to be a collection of moments through my life, it should be able to be what I want to share. For now, Wondering in Color is my own wanders in life and bits and pieces, of all the things that interest me.