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Week Peek: 06 of 52 2018

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Hello! Today's post is going to be a peek at my week in photos, or a week peek. Cheesy name, maybe lame post, but eh, I wanna try new things and post more blogs. I want to try to improve my photography skills, so that means just picking up the camera more. While I'll watch Skillshare classes or read a book on photography, unless I am purposefully practicing there's no way I'll actually improve. So here's to motivation to pick up the camera more, and not only capture memories, but also improve a skill. It's also a great way to make sure I am posting here on Wondering In Color more often, as my beauty blog definitely takes a lot of my free time. I also really enjoy Reading my Tea Leaves Blog an she shares her week in objects with photos of things she used/enjoyed that week, which I have always enjoyed those posts.


2018-02-05 04.05.19 1.jpg
2018-02-05 04.05.23 1.jpg
2018-02-05 04.05.22 1.jpg

Julia was being super smiley and cute and it was a grew, but bright day so we took the opportunity for a quick photo op. Got lots of smiles and poses, and so many of the top right "ohhh" face that she does all the time now. She is just adorable, and I try to take a more of photos of her since she grows and changes so fast. 


My Bed

2018-02-08 03.02.54 1.jpg
2018-02-08 03.02.53 1.jpg

I haven't been sleeping well lately. I am so grateful for Jeff and that he'll wake up with Julia and handle getting her breakfast and the morning chores to let me sleep in and catch up on rest. Our bed is also just lovely on these grey days, the white linen reflects so much of the tiny bit of daylight that we have been getting. Plus we have the fluffiest down duvet, which is just lovely.



2018-02-08 03.02.53 2.jpg

Jeff and Julia playing at the children's museum. Julia loves getting to go play and explore. So many things to look at and play with, and we can go year round since it's been too cold and wet for playgrounds. 


Learning to Walk

2018-02-08 03.02.52 1.jpg
2018-02-08 03.02.52 3.jpg
2018-02-08 03.02.52 2.jpg

Julia had a rough start to the week getting some new teeth, so we had a lot of indoor play. She has learned how to get up and walk along pretty much everything in the living room and love to pull out a bazillion toys our of her toy box. It sure seems like she'll be walking without help around soon.


A mess of makeup

Here's a bunch of makeup, which is a lot of my life since I am a beauty blogger. I have been trying to post more tutorials on rebeccashoresmua.com so I have been trying to create as much as I can while Julia naps. Here's a peek on some products I've worn a lot lately. On days I am note creating looks or tutorials I have been reaching for cream products for my face and eyes more than before. They can give such a soft look and you can build colors slowly which I have just been loving.


Fresh produce

We're getting a farm box from Klesick farms currently. This is the third farm box we've tried and what's great is that they deliver to your door which is so helpful when we have a baby. They also deliver add-ons, which is very convenient, so we get whole milk for Julia from our favorite local creamery, Twin Brooks. I am pretty sure you can still use the coupon SHARETHEGOOD if you wanna get $10 off. We will stick with this box for a while, the family fruit, salad, and vegetable share is a good amount for us and gives us a rainbow of foods to eat over the week. I then sit down on Monday and figure out what I am making for meals  and snacks so we eat everything in the box!


Art desk

2018-02-08 04.33.12 1.jpg

I have a small white desk right next to our glass door, so it gets plenty of daylight, that I use for drawing and painting. I have been trying my best to get back into fine arts. I have a watercolor portrait I am working on, and I did some watercolor doodles. I also got some Pan Pastels last time I was down in Capitol Hill at Blick. They are just a dream to work with. They are a very soft pastel that is in a pan, rather than being a stick. You use sponges to then apply them to whatever surface you are painting on. They remind me bothof painting and applying eye shadow at the same time, I am really enjoying creating with them. I hope to share some finished work with pastels here shortly.



We got artichokes in our farm box, something I had never cooked before. That's actually something I really like about farm boxes, you get to try new things you may have not cooked with before. I enjoy artichokes a lot, but I had only purchased artichoke hearts before, but never the whole flower. I cut them on half, YouTubed how to remove the choke, gave them a drizzle of olive oil and a generous squeeze of lemon and some garlic salt and popped them in the oven. They we delicious!


Purging and cleaning

2018-02-08 04.33.14 1.jpg

More empty space on the shelves. This week I finished up our winter purge. I go through all the rooms in our house every six months and look critically on what we have, and if we are no longer using it we usually pass it on. I don't care for owning things that I don't use or enjoy any more, and would rather pass them on to someone that will. It also keeps our house easy to clean since we have less clutter and I like having more open spaces. I'll be sharing my bullet jounail and cleaning scheual in an upcoming post.



2018-02-09 02.31.13 1.jpg
2018-02-09 02.31.14 2.jpg
2018-02-09 02.31.14 1.jpg

I haven't made anything with lentils until last week. One of the mother's in my parent baby group shared an easy soup that had lentils in it and it was quite good, but I still had extra lentils so I needed to find something else to make. I made these vegan sloppy joes  since they would use up the lentils I had as well as a lot of the veggies we got in our farm box. If you want an easy meatless meal these we're great! I don't know how much they taste like real sloppy joes since I was probably about eight or younger when I last had one, but these we're yummy and easy for Julia to eat too!


Thanks for peeking into my week. I hope you enjoyed this more casual post. I am going to keep trying to pick up my camera and actually take photos while still watching more Skillshare videos to also improve my technical knowledge. I would love to know what the highlight of your week was in the comments below! Mine was probably going out to dinner and drinks with some of my new friends from the parent baby group I am a part of. What was yours?