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Waste Less Time

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Waste Less Time, and use your time wisely.


Have a long to do list? Maybe you don't even have a to do list. I love making to do lists. I take larger lists and ones with notes or ideas attached to them and put them on Evernote. I have traditional lists broken into categories on Wunderlist. I like keeping lists digitally since I can access them from my phone, my computer or really anywhere I have a web connection. I also have a planner that I live out of and each evening, I write up my to-do on a note pad for the next day. I got to keep my thoughts organized and try and stay focused.

Personally,  I love making lists!  I get a sense of accomplishment when I tick of a box or strikethrough a task. I am like a dog getting a treat when I get a tick mark, it's ridiculous. Even though I don't have an issue getting things done, I can just be slow at getting through a big list and not as efficient as I should be. However I often feel like I never have enough time to get everything I want to done, well, it's cause I waste time.

Waste less time, keep lists


I'll browse the internet while a program loads, there goes five minutes. I'll spend too long on Pintrest, when really I should only be using my allotted time for promo and growth. I'll watch a YouTube video that doesn't add value or is in my niche, just cause it sounds interesting. A lot of the time this happens after I've completed my work for the day, but a lot of the tasks I have are personal ones or professional ones that are skill improving. 


Unfortunately, we can't have a day more than twenty-four hours, so you have to cull out the frivolous activities. I am not saying you need to never have fun or do something you enjoy. Actually, I am saying the opposite. Do things that fulfill you! Do things you really enjoy, not that are just entertainment. That is going to look different for everyone, so make sure you take time to think about it. Remove things that are wasting your time. Do you miss them after a month? No, well, maybe you really don't need that in your life.



Things I am limiting or removing from my day:

Reddit, this is a huge time waster for me. While I enjoy reading a lot of the beauty subreddits, you can get on r/all and just scroll. While I would get to see tons of cute corgis, I would also come across things just would not add value to my life and sometimes, things that just would make me upset. I am limiting myself to check once a month to see what is trending on the makeup subreddits, otherwise it's blocked on my computer and phone.


Facebook has benefits, but it is a time waster. Most of the time my feed isn't  things my friends post, just things my friends like, which is usually things out non-mutual friends have posted and I have no connection to them. I also find a lot of people use Faceook as a place to complain, and I don't like to see those posts. I'd love to see everyone post good things that happened in their day instead of the negative things. Overall, I still that Facebook has value. I have some groups I am a part of and it's a way to stay connected to my friends that live far away. Facebook will become a 15 minute a day limit and added onto my App Detox block list and I will be limiting use on my computer as well.


TV is something I find to be rather pointless to have in my life. I won't watch reality TV as I don't find it has any value. Most reality TV is just full of drama and that's why it gets views. For some reason us humans love to watch and be in others drama, but really does that help us or does it just make us irritated. I want to choose happiness so reality TV doesn't have a place in my life. I will be limiting myself to one hour of TV per week. I'll be watching Sherlock, Game of Thrones and Orphan Black for sure, but might not be indulging in many other shows.


Hobbies I care less about are something I've been mulling over for the past two months. This is one of the harder things to cut out, but I've decided it is the best. You can do anything but you can’t do everything, or at least not well. I am choosing to remove the things I am not good at or mediocre at that also fall into the categories of things I don't care to be good at. To proactive those skills I care less about being good at means I would have to sacrifice time on things I want to be better at. I want to dedicate more time to things I really am passionate about. I am donating my old kitting things, my clay, and other random craft things I would have to dedicate too many hours at to become good at. 

Culling the frivolous things means I can pursue passions.


Things I am giving more time to:


Drawing is something I need more mileage in. Drawing can be improved so much by just practicing well. I want to get in 1-2 hours of drawing each day, and that means I need time elsewhere. 


Reading is something I want to do more.  I want to read at least forty books this year. I also have my list on Wunderlist and I am slowly making my way through it. If you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them, share them in the comments!

Writing is something I'd like to be better at. Ideas, thoughts, memories are easiest expressed while wondering in colors and shapes with a brush in my hand. I would like to become more proficiant with words, both to keep this blog going and to improve my beauty blog.


Improving skills is something I want to do in general. Drawing falls into this already, but I am also trying to improve my calligraphy, I want to learn more about video editing, I want to learn new cooking techniques, I want to become better at photography. This things will improve the quality of the content I product on my beauty YouTube, make better food for Jeff and myself  and also improve the products I sell on Etsy.


Being present is one of my yearly goals, and will be easier to accomplish when I have more time to spend wisely. Using my time well will make me less stressed and keep my life more balanced. I can spend my time with my husband, spend more time with friends, spend my time with myself and just enjoying life.

Are there things that you need to remove from your time? Would you give up something you do for a month to see how it goes? Are there things you'd like to accomplish if you had more time? Let me know in the comments and let's chat!



Psst, if you want some help staying focused here are the things I use. I use Cold Turkey to block websites while I am working and other ones that I am removing from my life. I use a Chrome app called StayFocusd to limit my time on time wasting websites. With Focus On, Forest and App Detox on my phone, so I won't scroll it on my phone late at night and stay off blocked websites/apps.

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