Wondering in Color

On being content and creativity

ThoughtsRebecca ShoresComment

Part of being content with myself and my life is also knowing what I even want and what detection to go. I know I want to create,  that's about all I know for certain right now. Since at 27 I still don't have my life figured out, but maybe even at 97 I still won't. I know that I have to create something that I will actually show and share, maybe an art piece, maybe a video, maybe just these posts on this blog.


I have been listening to a lot of Sufjan Stevens and I just love his work. Or another example is listening to John Greens new podcast, The Anthropocene Reviewed, full of John Greenisms and I loved turtles all the way down. I can love someone else's stories or try and peer into someone else's head. And their heads, at least from their work, seem like there somewhat like mine. I wanna create so that someone else can experience something and maybe wonder in color along with me. And maybe, we'll feel a little less alone even if we never meet.