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Hello Again: Rambles, lame excuses, and life update

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Well, it's been a while. I started Wondering in Color when I was a crazy list maker and time blocker. While I was busy I could carve out time to post or so I thought. I had ideas and stars of post but they were never posted. Health issues in the family meant more trips and I was pregnant with my first child, but perfectionism is why posts never happened. Perfectionism is a nasty thing, that stifles creativity and keeps me from actually completing things. I will work, and rework, and rework, and trash, and redo, edit, edit, and it's constantly being revised and improved as I try to hit the unattainable bullseye of perfect. I actually really liked the video Hank Green did on his secret to productivity, which is about not shooting for perfection. Here's the link to the video, check it out, it's good. I wanna come back to both my beauty blogging and here at Wondering in Color a little less perfect than before so I can post more and get content out to you guys.


For a while, I ended up taking a step back from a lot of social media and my beauty blogging to recenter and reevaluate as life got crazy with a newborn. My structured schedule is gone having an infant around. I am Julia's caretaker during the week, so I get most of my work done during nap times or after my husband gets home, so I have a lot less time available than before. I also had to deal with some PPOCD, and I am feeling myself again, but my doctor wants me to have more "down time" which has been a huge help. I've been reading more which has actually been lovely as well as cooking more ambitious recipes. I want blogging on Wondering in Color to be part of the "downtime", cause I really enjoy creating content, so WIC will be less formal than what I am posting the the beauty world. I wanna share new recipes I've been loving with you guys, what I've been doing in my bullet journal, maybe a sketchbook post or two and books I've been enjoying. Maybe make a cooking video or Seattle vlog, who knows. 


Anyhow, I am back. A bit less formal and a bit more me than before. I hope you'll enjoy the little less perfected Wondering in Color. Let me know if there are topics that you'd like to see posts on and what if your favorite thing to cook? Let me know in the comments!

The cutest little time taker-upper! 

The cutest little time taker-upper!