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Finding Balance

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Finding Balance
When the day to day starts to go grey

I watched Dominique on Periscope last night. She typically gets on and shows of her creative and colorful process of creating makeup looks, however tonight was different. She shared her five steps to being happy. I think we all want to be happy. I am not unhappy, but I wanted to tune in and listen. Her fourth point was “find balance”. That one hit me in the face.

Find Balance.

Working from home, both with my beauty blog, YouTube, Instagram and working for a blogging network makes for a lot of work in not a lot of time. I also try to keep my home tidy and cook our meals. It leads to a lot of busyness. I need to find balance... or more hours in the day. Wouldn't that be lovely?

I calculated my hours, I work twenty hours as a network manager, then twenty-five to thirty-five on my blog/youtube/instagram work. Then I need to find time to clean up and cook. I also should try and sleep more as well. Balance is what I need. Not only balance, but productivity and focus, but we’ll start with balance.

Balance means I need a little more play. Life is starting to feel grey, I want my color back. This is why I am looking for balance. My first step this week in finding balance is going back to look at my schedule, how can I streamline my work to add a little more play. I have also added time to write. I’ve never really tried to write before,  I mean, I can, I went to school and I wrote a lot of essays, I blog about beauty and write about blusher and lipstick. I’ve never written for myself. Adding this through process, this almost-journaling-but-not-quite in hopes that either I’ll become a better writer or at least be able to look back on the process I made in finding balance.

Balance is taking the time to sit down and process. Today it’s here, on Wondering in Color, yesterday is was doodles on paper. Who knows what tomorrow will be, but I’ll keep trying.