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Starting a blog

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Starting a blog

Why would I want to start another blog, I already have a blog that consumes so much of my time. Constantly posting on Instagram, editing, taking photos for a blog post, trying a new product and replying to the endless emails. While I love my adventures in beauty blogging, it isn't my only interest and it can become so "busy".


I want a space that I can share everything else I enjoy and put my time into. I want to get back to fine arts, keeping a sketchbook and not only creating with makeup. Makeup and beauty is only one part, and as that has become a job, it needs to stay specific and timely. Posts, videos, photos and thoughts all need to say within the realms of cosmetics, skincare, fragrance and style and nothing else.


This is for  everything else. This is for just me, Rebecca, not RebeccaShoresMUA. When I sit down to do things for my beauty blogging I just sit there and feel like now what, rather uninspired lately. That is a very empty, dull feeling, and I want to fix it. I believe that even though I am not doing strictly fine arts, I would still consider myself an artist. When I was in school I was always working on projects, keeping up with my sketchbook, writing down ideas, conversing with other creative people and playing with colors. I miss that. I want that again. I can't go back in time and relive those moments, so I need a solution. That is this blog. I believe creativity breeds creativity. That our creative "muscle" gets weak from unuse.  I think blogging is a way I can share my thoughts and creative endeavors. This blog is more of a creative outlet for me and a way to share my life with whomever wants to stop and visit. In the quest to learn to create each and every day and not feel constrained by the things I must create. I'll blog about it, share a page of my sketch book, a photo of a dinner I cooked, a recipe I love, a thought, a moment that made me smile, an adventure, a really good cup of coffee, and maybe a painting or two. Overall, this is a place to put up whatever and everything, moments and thoughts, drawing and food, and a bit of me.



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