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2016 Focus Goals a fresh new year

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A Fresh New Year and 2016 Goals

A planner with no marks

New Years is a nice time, it’s actually one of my favorite times of the year. I love champagne and the clinking of glasses with dear friends. I always listen to New Year, by Death Cab and have for the past ten years or so. The first line is, “So this is the new year and I don’t feel any different…”  and that’s so true, a new year is much like a birthday, you don’t feel a year older when your birthday comes along, it’s just another day in the passing of time. However, I like the newness that a new year can signify. My planner is fresh and ready for pencil marked plans. We have a new number to try and remember when we sign our name. We can also make new goals and try to top last year. Resolutions are too easy to break, you miss a day and then what, and you’ve failed the whole year? I am making goals, with broad brush strokes, to fit my plans into them, so if a day is missed or I mess up I can just realign my focus. In 2016 I have a lot of things I would like to do, so how can I stay focused to achieve those goals, I am going to try with goals to live a more fulfilled, successful and happy life. I have four goals that are more for professional focus and two that are personal. I’ll share them with you, so you know my plans and feel free to share your goals, resolutions, things you’d like to improve on in the New Year.


Live creatively

Grow sphere of influence

Improve Skills

Inspire others

Enrich relationships

Be present

Professional Goals

Living creatively, this is my first focus for the year. Like I said earlier, I want to keep my goals more as a focus, so they are board so that smaller, bite size goals can fit into them and things that don’t fit into the six can be culled or the time I use will be limited when it comes to things that don’t fit.  Live creatively means being creative every day. I want to challenge myself to create and work that muscle. I want to create whether it’s drawing, makeup, words, photography food, etc. it doesn’t matter the medium, just create. Often I will stop when I feel uninspired, instead of breaking through and pushing to keep creating. I think creativity is much like a muscle, you have to keep working at it and pushing yourself harder to keep seeing results and to not grow stiff. Wondering in Color is part of this, I rarely create with words, especially with words that don’t have to do with cosmetics. Wondering in Color is also where I want to share my creatively, so join me and follow along.

Growing reach is my sphere of influence and the most professional goal I have. This is a very businessy goal that doesn’t fit as much with the rest of my goals, but it’s still important to me. I want to continue to grow my RebeccaShoresMUA beauty blog and YouTube. I want to be able to make a more steady income with my beauty blogging and continue to see growth by improving my posts,  videos and makeup skills.

Improving skills is both business and personal. I want to learn more art and makeup techniques, improve my photography, learn to edit better for beauty videos, learn to do beauty editing for Instagram, learn to market my blog better and more. I have so much to learn and I want to never stop learning. I have a lot of things I would love to learn and too little time to do it. I have a thirst for learning new things, but combined with my inherent tenacity I need to do a better job at culling the skills that are less important or I don’t enjoy. So this goal is to help me focus and the skills I need to improve and advance them further, rather than being a jack of all trades. Script, graphic design, watercolors, painting, makeup, skincare, adobe tutorials, writing, those are things I’ll let myself get lost in, but reigning myself in when it comes to things that I don’t care to be good at like knitting or videogames. There is too little time to try and be good at everything. Wondering in Color also ties to this goal, as I want to improve my photography skills, script and writing which I plan to share with you here and on the @wonderingincolor Instagram.

Inspiring others, this is my goal that is hardest to quantify improvement. I want to be different, not for the sake of being different, but for being myself and not aligning with only what’s popular at the time. One of my greatest aspirations is to inspire others to live creatively and to play with colors. I do play with colors on my professional Instagram, in hopes to inspire others to do the same. So that maybe they would see cosmetics not as a way to hide your face, but to be wearable art. If any of you have seen my @rebeccashoresmua Instagram account you would know I often wear looks that are visually fun, but not the most flattering for my coloring or face shape. I view makeup much like a washable tattoo, it’s beautiful and it comes off at the end of the evening. On Wondering in Color, if anyone actually reads, I want to lead by example of living creativity. My creative, more artist side often I hide away, thinking that no one is interested in the things I create that aren’t beauty related, but what even is art if you never share it? I also want to inspire others to be kind, always. I try to always choose my words mindfully and not let hurt feelings get in the way when I am on social media. Wondering in Color as well as my beauty blog are the realization of this goal and this goal is the focus to keep sharing things I’ve created.

Personal Goals

Enriching relationships is something I want to pursue more this year. I want to be better at staying in touch with those I care about. I also want to be more okay with having a few close friends rather than a lot of  friends. I was younger I thought I wanted a lot of friends, as I have gotten older I’ve realized I value quality over quantity. Also, as I’ve grown I have learned that live is so fragile so I must cherish the moments I have with people so get to know them deeper while you can. In this next year, while I practice my skill of script, I plan on writing letters and keeping in touch. I used to live less than a mile from my grandparents, so I want to write letters to feel as if we are close, as I miss them dearly. My best friend and live on opposite borders of the country, I need to make more time to call and catch up. I want to make more skype dates, more lunch plans and ask more questions in the new year.

Being present is my last personal goal. Living in a world full of distractions and having so much at our fingertips, it can be hard to live in the now. I have already turned off all social media push notifications on my phone so now the only time I hear a beep is for texts and phone calls. I like to be able to control when I get those distractions, rather than let beeps and buzzes control me. I am also trying to make a conscious effort to put my phone down and just live. Having a job in social media, I will be that person to take some photos when I go somewhere, but once I get a photo I want to put my phone away and leave it alone. I’ve been unplugging more, leaving my phone in the other room to charge as I work, choosing books over browsing and choosing people in front of me over the noise of the web.

Often I wish I could live a thousand lives.  I could get to know everyone on a deeper level, I could learn so many new skills, I could be a painter, chief,  MUA, photographer and a world traveler,  there’s so much I want to do! I could try so many things, but this isn’t the case, I’ve been given only one life on earth so I want to live it to the best of my abilities. My goals, my foci for 2016 are to help keep me on a path to realize the things that I want to succeed in, live life to the fullest, and learn in this New Year. I will be striving do things that can fit into one of these six focus categories and cull out the things that don’t fit. I’ll be sharing more as the year goes on and may expand on a few points since blogging is one way of sharing my thoughts and what I am up to.

Let me know in the comments if you make resolutions or focuses and if so, what they are. Let’s chat!


Finding Balance

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Finding Balance
When the day to day starts to go grey

I watched Dominique on Periscope last night. She typically gets on and shows of her creative and colorful process of creating makeup looks, however tonight was different. She shared her five steps to being happy. I think we all want to be happy. I am not unhappy, but I wanted to tune in and listen. Her fourth point was “find balance”. That one hit me in the face.

Find Balance.

Working from home, both with my beauty blog, YouTube, Instagram and working for a blogging network makes for a lot of work in not a lot of time. I also try to keep my home tidy and cook our meals. It leads to a lot of busyness. I need to find balance... or more hours in the day. Wouldn't that be lovely?

I calculated my hours, I work twenty hours as a network manager, then twenty-five to thirty-five on my blog/youtube/instagram work. Then I need to find time to clean up and cook. I also should try and sleep more as well. Balance is what I need. Not only balance, but productivity and focus, but we’ll start with balance.

Balance means I need a little more play. Life is starting to feel grey, I want my color back. This is why I am looking for balance. My first step this week in finding balance is going back to look at my schedule, how can I streamline my work to add a little more play. I have also added time to write. I’ve never really tried to write before,  I mean, I can, I went to school and I wrote a lot of essays, I blog about beauty and write about blusher and lipstick. I’ve never written for myself. Adding this through process, this almost-journaling-but-not-quite in hopes that either I’ll become a better writer or at least be able to look back on the process I made in finding balance.

Balance is taking the time to sit down and process. Today it’s here, on Wondering in Color, yesterday is was doodles on paper. Who knows what tomorrow will be, but I’ll keep trying.


What even is this blog?

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What even is wondering in color?

path in langly

I took a break, after I barely started. This sounds like a failure, but I think it was needed for my peace. I started out this blog with Franci, and then life hit both of us with new jobs. Jobs are blessings, but also took up more of our time. Jobs +  life ended up with me back to college my level coffee intake and long hours in front of the computer. Wondering in Color felt like it would be more work than play. I want some place to create without pressure, something closer to play, but with growth. 

I want Wondering in Color to be that. Full of color. Blogging and work can start to feel dull, routine, grey. I want this blog to be an adventure, a journey. Come along with me as I travel through life. At this point in time posts will be at random. I will be trying to post more on Instagram, so go ahead and follow along. At this point, Wondering in Color will be a lifestyle blog, a creative blog, because it is my own and my life and my journey to live creatively. Unlike my beauty blog, I won’t be an “expert” a “guru” or something to look to for advice, I’ll be just, me.

I also struggled with the idea of beauty on this blog, as beauty blogging in a large part of my life. I work for a network, I am constantly creating looks and videos in the beauty genre. I realized that IS part of my life, so I won’t be posting tutorials or the like, but thoughts, colors and more creative endeavors with cosmetics may make an appearance over here. I realized that if this is going to be a collection of moments through my life, it should be able to be what I want to share. For now, Wondering in Color is my own wanders in life and bits and pieces, of all the things that interest me.


Take a moment

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 Go out side, enjoy a drink, enjoy the sunshine and let things happen organically.

Take a moment! 

Do you ever get overwhelmed and need a breather? That's what happened here. I am back striving to live creatively, but now with less structure. Updates will come as I am inspired. I want to be authentic and being too structured was stifling. With new jobs and a new blogging schedule I have a lot on my plate and sometimes you just need to take a moment and stop living in lists. 

Thanks for understanding,


There is Art: Starting a Blog

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There is art: Starting a Blog

There is art: blog

What is Wondering in Color and am I blogging? Starting Wondering in Color was to have a creative outlet. I stated in my last post how Franci and I wanted to be able to share our journey and progress with There is Art, rather than just share photos, we want to share stories as well.


The idea for calling this blog Wondering in Color is because I can relate with the quote from Georgia O'Keeffe "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for." I enjoy drawing/painting and playing with colors. I like to try and create feelings with color and try to paint a picture of what crisp fall days smell like, the feeling of twilight during long summer nights, and create makeup looks with crazy color combinations to inspire others. This is what sparked the idea for Wondering in Color, where I'll share, best as my visual oriented mind will let me, to let you into a bit of my life. 


The idea of blogging with There is art also ties into the idea that we want to value progress. This comes with sharing a post weekly, and maybe not having time to do something time-consuming or overly creative, but still sharing what we tried to do, or maybe a long-term goal we'll be working on that's not finished and perfected. Instead of just having curated stories with the highlights of our weeks, maybe we'll share a photo that didn't turn out that well, or just share what we practiced in hope to further a skill. This is all part of the idea that we want to live creatively, find beauty and share it with all of you. 

We hope you'll join us and we'll be sharing what we're working on and where we found There is art in our next post.


There is Art: A project, a journey a lifestyle

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There is Art: A project, a journey a lifestyle

Today I want to share with you a project that I'll be embarking on with my best friend and invite you to join in. This project, this idea, it was one of the reasons why I started this blog.  My best friend Franci (Frankie Does Life) and I were talking about how we wish to live life more fully, that we were both feeling "meh" a few months back. Lacking in time to try new things, not working on skills and not pushing ourselves to actually be creative and make new work. We're both creative people, I do makeup artistry, create fine art, and dabble in other art forms, she is a photographer and has a way with writing. We have found that not creating leaves us feeling like we're running on empty, and we want to thrive.


The dictionary defines art as:

noun \ˈärt\
: something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings
: works created by artists : paintings, sculptures, etc., that are created to be beautiful or to express important ideas or feelings
: the methods and skills used for painting, sculpting, drawing, etc.
Full Definition of ART
1: skill acquired by experience, study, or observation
2 a : a branch of learning: (1) : one of the humanities (2) plural : liberal arts b archaic : learning, scholarship
3 : an occupation requiring knowledge or skill
4 a : the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects; also : works so produced
b (1) : fine arts (2) : one of the fine arts (3) : a graphic art
5 a archaic : a skillful plan b : the quality or state of being artful
6 : decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter
— http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/art

 Art is imagination, creativity, beauty, something to learn, a quality, a skill. This is the basis our idea , our project, our lifestyle  and we wish to share it with you. Wondering in Color is about my journey to live creatively, each day and every day. I've always said that creativity breeds creativity, you have to keep creating and pushing yourself to create and be inspired or the creative "muscle" will grow weak from disuse. This is a reason behind #thereisart. There is art is about finding the beauty in the everyday, it's about striving to create, it's about honing a skill, it's about the little things, it's about capturing moments, about progress, creating memories, living life to the fullest and sharing those things. 

There is art is the idea we are playing with and we're ready to explore and chase it. Maybe we'll discover a lot, create new memories, learn new skills, or maybe it'll evolve into something else as time goes on. Who knows! We're focusing on the progress, and sharing it along the way.

Rather than just the two of us chat on the phone about our creative journeys and where we've found moments of beauty in our lives,  we've desided that we will be blogging on the same topic once a week. Every Tuesday, for the first three months, and bi-monthly after that. WonderinginColor.com will have other categories I'll be blogging about, but the category There is art will be tied to topics and prompts that FrankieDoesLife.blogspot.com will also be blogging about. We'll be talking about many things over the weeks within this category. There will be topics that tie into creativity, about living in the moment, about beauty, about bettering yourself, about helping, about thriving and about hopes and the joy and beauty of progress not just perfection. We invite you to join us by using the hashtag #thereisart. Here's where it starts, and I hope you come back to read again and share your thoughts and ideas for blog topics in the comments below.

You can also follow my journey on instagram @wonderingincolor and you can use hashtag #thereisart and share your own moments with us on Instagram and Twitter. Also, make sure to read Franci's post here.



Starting a blog

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Why would I want to start another blog, I already have a blog that consumes so much of my time. Constantly posting on Instagram, editing, taking photos for a blog post, trying a new product and replying to the endless emails. While I love my adventures in beauty blogging, it isn't my only interest and it can become so "busy".


I want a space that I can share everything else I enjoy and put my time into. I want to get back to fine arts, keeping a sketchbook and not only creating with makeup.