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On the Go Egg Cups: Baby and Toddler Friendly

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On the Go Egg Cups: Baby and Toddler Friendly (or for anyone that needs something quick in the mornings)

On the Go Egg Cups: Baby and Toddler Friendly

Julia loves these and will happily eat them often. They freeze well, so they are great for the mornings when we need to get out the door quickly or when I need a second cup of coffee before I cook something. You can pop them frozen into the microwave or for a better texture take them out the night before and defrost in the fridge.


Julia can now tolerate soy, but we're still dairy free so these are also dairy free. Whole milk or half & half can be used instead of almond milk and come Gruyere or cheddar would be so yummy.

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Things you need:

Muffin tin
Silicone baking cups (these are optional, but they make clean up and storage so easy)
Cutting board
Fork or whisk
Saute pan or skillet and a heatproof spoon/spatula
Oven preheated to 350F


Eggs 5-6 - we use some from a local farm. 
Almond milk - you can obviously use any milk, we're just still dealing with Julia's dairy intolerance
Butter or oil - either one works, just depends on the flavor you like. If you are also dairy free/vegan I like the earth balance fake butter.
Veggies - for this recipe we're using spinach, but use can mix it up (I have more ideas at the end of the post).
Aromatics - shallots (I like shallows for their milk onion-like flavor, use onions, garlic, celery, carrots, fresh herbs, etc to suit your preference).
Spices (optional) - Salt, Pepper, Pakrika, whatever you like!


Step one: Dice your aromatic base, I am using a shallot. 


Step two: Take washed spinach and rough chop it, it's going to cook down so it doesn't need to be pretty. For sturdier veggies I either dice or grate them, you wanna be able to cook them down easily.


Step three: Saute your aromatics until tender. I am using avocado oil to saute my shallot in. 


Step four: Add your vegetables (other toppings)! I am going to cook the spinach down over medium heat until tender. This only takes a few minutes. Keep moving it around to prevent scorching. 


The spinach will cook down a lot, so I usually use what looks like a lot fresh (about 4-5 cups), but it'll be enough for 12 egg cups. 


Step 5: Crack those eggs. I crack them into a measuring cup cause it's easy to pour. I use six for 12 egg cups.


Step six: Beat the eggs with milk until they turn to a lighter yellow. I use just a splash of milk, about two tablespoons.


Step seven: Add any spices you want to add. If this is for a younger baby go lighter, if it's for an older infant or adult add as much as you want. I add paprika and pepper to Julia's as she definitely enjoys flavorful foods, but we do skip the salt for her.


Step eight: Divide your sauteed mixture into the muffin tins. I find my egg cups have a more more even mix if I add in everything first before adding the eggs on top.


Step nine: Pour the egg mixture into the muffin tin and then use a fork to mix it with the veggies in the cup.


Step ten: Bake at 350F for 12-15 minutes until set and/or temperature reads 160F or higher.


I let these cool and then pop them into the freezer. I'll pull one out the night before to reheat in the microwave for quick breakfasts. Julia eats most of these, but I've definitely ended up eating a few as well and I made them often when I was in college. 

More Ideas!

Lots of options:
-Ham & cheese
I use to make these in college and I'll make this kind again once we're not dairy free
-potato leek
leftover potatoes from dinner or hashbrowns work well
-leek & pancetta
this is my favorite kind, brown the pancetta, satue the leeks and after adding the eggs sprinkle some gruyere cheese and parsley YUM
Mushroom & spinach
Chives and zucchini 


I hope you guys enjoyed this first simple recipe post. Let me know if you wanna see more food posts or toddler food posts.

Thanks for reading!