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Bullet Journal: Overview - Minimalist style Collections

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This blog post is going to be on how a setup and use my bullet journal. I have always loved planning, organizing and making lists, but I on'y started bullet journaling just over a year ago. I'll show you how I have my 2018 planner set up since I just filled up my last journal. In a future post I'll go into detail about specific sections and my monthly and weekly pages. If you are interested in trying this style of planning then I hope having a little tour of how I set my collections up with help you get inspired and start your own.


One thing I really like about bullet journaing is how customizable it is. I used to have very strict planning, I would time block out when I was doing what on Google calendar, have To-Do-ist auto fill my to do list, and then had a four point goal list per day. While this worked very well for me since I've worked for myself for the past few years and when I was in school I took on a full load plus  school, I have needed to be very structured to get everything accomplished. And then... I had a baby. I wasn't able to have such a structured life anymore, and I also need to try to make some "me" time after basically getting prescribed down time after being diagnosed with PPOCD. This style of planning works well since I get a bit of creative time making layouts and "drawing" the pages rather than planning digitally and I am not locked into a specific layout for my days and I can change the layouts to fit my needs. As my daugher has gotten older I have been able to add more structure into my planning and some people even do dailies (which would work great if you were time blocking).


First off I am using a Leuchtturm1917 A5 dotted notebook (link is an affiliate link), this is my favorite notebook for bullet journaling. I like that the pages are numbered, there are two bookmarks, it has an elastic to keep it shut, and I like the dots to keep my lines nice. You can use any notebook you'd like, and if you're not sure if you'd keep up with the bullet journal it may be best to just start out with a notebook you already have to try it out. Let's get onto my collection pages.


I like to have a title page for the new year since I start a new journal when I fill the pages not at the new year. Some people go all out, so feel free to be as decorative as you'd like for title pages. I also like to have title pages for each new month.


Future Log


I start my new year out with future log. This is where I add dates for events that are far out. These are usually larger things like family vacations, out of town guests, traveling, big dead lines, doctors appointments, or anything that it planned months in advance. I have a spot in my monthly page for dates in the current month and the next month, so I put things like play dates, posting deadlines, classes, and other things that are smaller or repeat often so I can save my future log for the bigger or long term planning things. I will reference this page when I plan my monthly page so I can add any events or appointments into that month. This page comes in really handy since it gives me a whole view of the year at once.


Holidays and Goals


I like to have all the official holidays in my collection pages. I didn't have one starting out, but then I wouldn't remember to write it into the monthly and then wouldn't remember to send a Mother's Day card off in time or when my husband has a day off. I sent a card for my mom a few days ago, so I definitely like having this page.

I like to have some goals set out, both personal and professional to work on throughout the year. I'll probably do a more in depth post on this one day, but I have the big ideas here so I can remind myself and working towards them. When I go over my monthlys you'll see how I have habit tracker going each month so I am tracking my daily steps towards those goals. Having goals at the front of the year makes it easy for me to refrence back and remind myself what I am working towards.




This sis my unfilled birthday page. This page is now full of family and friends birthdays, but I know I don't have my birthday on facebook so I wanted to be considerate to peoples privacy so I didn't include any birthdays. This is one of the most helpful pages since I can make sure to wish those close to me a happy birthday or remember to start thinking of a gift to get them. 


Cleaning Schedual 


This is one of my favorite pages since I enjoy cleaning and being in a tidy, clean space so much. One of the ways I have been able to balance work, a baby, and having a clean house is planning out when I clean things. This also helps keep everything clean without having to think about when I last cleaned something. I break my cleaning up by daily chores, weekly, monthly, and things I do every two, four, and six months and then the few once a year chores. I then will reference this page to fill out my cleaning to-do on a monthly page.


Some of these chores are specific to my life, and also to the level of clean and tidy I want my house to be. I think having a cleaning schedule is very helpful, but you need to make it yours and add in chores you may need to do or do more often, and remove ones that don't fit your life (like deep clean the high chair). I will have a post on how to create you own cleaning schedual up soon, so check the sidebar and subscribe to get updates.


Wardrobe and Things to Do


A wardrobe collection page is pretty helpful if you have a small wardrobe or if you have a large one and re buy the same thing, it is also helpful if you have items you you like to add. I have listed the things I own and things I would like to add, I also remind myself of the colors I buy. I prefer to have a small amount of clothes that I can mix and match so I keep my color palette simple. This page also keeps me from buying items I don't need and reminds me how I really need to go and find a pair of sandals for this summer. This is a great page if you have a capsule wardrobe or if you tend to buy items you don't need or wear.


The things to do page is a wishlist or a reminder of places we want to check out or go to. I have a list of things we would like to go and do as a family, like going to the zoo this summer. My husband and I also like to try out new places to eat so we write down restaurants we'd like to try when we hear about them. If you live in the Seattle area let me know what places we need to check out in the comments or on twitter!


Reading list


I want to read more books this year, my goal is 36, so I try and keep a list of books I'd like to read and check them off as I make it down the list. It's nice to be able to hear a book recommendation and write it down to be able to read it later. I think having a reading list is nice and a good way to keep reading. And if you have any book reccomendations please leave them in the comments! 




When someone ask me what I want for Christmas I probably will blank, so I keep a list of things we need for the house, things I would like and also a list for Julia.


Fitness Tracker

The fitness tracker is a collection page to track weight loss. I like this style of tracker since you can have a nice big bubble to fill in as you get closer to your goal. I am working towards a weight loss goal so I get to fill in each box for every pound I lose. 


Purge and Donate


This page is more or less just a list of areas in our home, and twice a year Jeff and I go through our things and evaluate them. It's pretty easy to end up with things you don't use and won't use, and we do try to keep from bringing things that we won't use into our life, but I do find that we still have small donation piles still. I find that digital clutter and Julia's toys are what we need to continue to curate the most. Keeping up on curating the things you let into your life is really nice and your space is so much easier to keep tidy. I find having only the things I need or that bring me joy helps me feel calm and really love the space I live in. A twice a year evaluation means that we don't have any unused or enjoyed things in our home that someone else could find a use for.


I have those two pages for my content to do. These pages are very specific to me, but you can customize these to big, long term to dos. I write down my video ideas here and I have four boxes to check, Plan, Create, Edit, and Live so I can keep track of what has been done and what I need to do. I'll also take tasks from these lists and assige them to spesific weekly pages.


These are the same as the previous pages I shared. Ideas and things I want to do. I create titles for my contnet creation and then the titles match a Evernote note that I use to outline and then write out blog posts or video notes. My art ideas is more of a brain dump, so it's just ideas that I still need to flesh out.


I love learning. I miss school so much, not the homework, but he learning. I like to keep track of things I think of that I want to learn about. Sometimes it's a new skill or sometimes it's a concept I want to learn more about. 

I keep a page of a gift list for friends and family. The gift list page isn't filled out yet since it's basically a list of things we could give as gifts for Christmas or something. If someone makes an off hand comment about wanting/needing an item or an intrest I'll write it down and then we have a list of gift ideas for them and we aren't scrambling at Christmas.


I keep the miscellaneous schedule to jot down things I need to schedule, but I need the time to sit down and plan out when I will accomplish it. This can be things in my personal life that need to happen, appointment's I need to make, things I want to do, or content ideas that have a lot of steps. I have to get thoughts out of my head, so if I thing os something I need to do that really needs to get done, but I am not sure when I will put it here so I know I won't forget about it.


I've been keeping a mood tracker to keep up with how I am feeling. After getting diagnosed with anxiety and OCD I've tried to make sure I am monitoring how I feel, and then when I make changes in my life I can see how they affect my mood. I used to make a monthly tracker, but this time I am doing a yearly one. Next year I'll probably go back to a monthly one since it's kind of annoying to always have to flip back here.


I read and really enjoyed One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, so I am listing my own one thousand things I am thankful for. I used to have a monthy gratitude tracker, which had a space for each day and I would write out soemthing I Was thankful for. Now I can list as many things as a want and I prefer this. Reflecting on everything I am thankful for does help my find so much more joy in my simple little life.


So many pages to go. I'll be sharing my next pages soon. How I set up my monthly and weekly pages. You can also follow my pintrest journal board to see other layouts and ideas to be inspired by. Let me know in the comments if you want to start bullet journalist and if you already journal what notebook do you like best?


On being content and creativity

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Part of being content with myself and my life is also knowing what I even want and what detection to go. I know I want to create,  that's about all I know for certain right now. Since at 27 I still don't have my life figured out, but maybe even at 97 I still won't. I know that I have to create something that I will actually show and share, maybe an art piece, maybe a video, maybe just these posts on this blog.


I have been listening to a lot of Sufjan Stevens and I just love his work. Or another example is listening to John Greens new podcast, The Anthropocene Reviewed, full of John Greenisms and I loved turtles all the way down. I can love someone else's stories or try and peer into someone else's head. And their heads, at least from their work, seem like there somewhat like mine. I wanna create so that someone else can experience something and maybe wonder in color along with me. And maybe, we'll feel a little less alone even if we never meet. 



Week Peek: 06 of 52 2018

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Hello! Today's post is going to be a peek at my week in photos, or a week peek. Cheesy name, maybe lame post, but eh, I wanna try new things and post more blogs. I want to try to improve my photography skills, so that means just picking up the camera more. While I'll watch Skillshare classes or read a book on photography, unless I am purposefully practicing there's no way I'll actually improve. So here's to motivation to pick up the camera more, and not only capture memories, but also improve a skill. It's also a great way to make sure I am posting here on Wondering In Color more often, as my beauty blog definitely takes a lot of my free time. I also really enjoy Reading my Tea Leaves Blog an she shares her week in objects with photos of things she used/enjoyed that week, which I have always enjoyed those posts.


2018-02-05 04.05.19 1.jpg
2018-02-05 04.05.23 1.jpg
2018-02-05 04.05.22 1.jpg

Julia was being super smiley and cute and it was a grew, but bright day so we took the opportunity for a quick photo op. Got lots of smiles and poses, and so many of the top right "ohhh" face that she does all the time now. She is just adorable, and I try to take a more of photos of her since she grows and changes so fast. 


My Bed

2018-02-08 03.02.54 1.jpg
2018-02-08 03.02.53 1.jpg

I haven't been sleeping well lately. I am so grateful for Jeff and that he'll wake up with Julia and handle getting her breakfast and the morning chores to let me sleep in and catch up on rest. Our bed is also just lovely on these grey days, the white linen reflects so much of the tiny bit of daylight that we have been getting. Plus we have the fluffiest down duvet, which is just lovely.



2018-02-08 03.02.53 2.jpg

Jeff and Julia playing at the children's museum. Julia loves getting to go play and explore. So many things to look at and play with, and we can go year round since it's been too cold and wet for playgrounds. 


Learning to Walk

2018-02-08 03.02.52 1.jpg
2018-02-08 03.02.52 3.jpg
2018-02-08 03.02.52 2.jpg

Julia had a rough start to the week getting some new teeth, so we had a lot of indoor play. She has learned how to get up and walk along pretty much everything in the living room and love to pull out a bazillion toys our of her toy box. It sure seems like she'll be walking without help around soon.


A mess of makeup

Here's a bunch of makeup, which is a lot of my life since I am a beauty blogger. I have been trying to post more tutorials on rebeccashoresmua.com so I have been trying to create as much as I can while Julia naps. Here's a peek on some products I've worn a lot lately. On days I am note creating looks or tutorials I have been reaching for cream products for my face and eyes more than before. They can give such a soft look and you can build colors slowly which I have just been loving.


Fresh produce

We're getting a farm box from Klesick farms currently. This is the third farm box we've tried and what's great is that they deliver to your door which is so helpful when we have a baby. They also deliver add-ons, which is very convenient, so we get whole milk for Julia from our favorite local creamery, Twin Brooks. I am pretty sure you can still use the coupon SHARETHEGOOD if you wanna get $10 off. We will stick with this box for a while, the family fruit, salad, and vegetable share is a good amount for us and gives us a rainbow of foods to eat over the week. I then sit down on Monday and figure out what I am making for meals  and snacks so we eat everything in the box!


Art desk

2018-02-08 04.33.12 1.jpg

I have a small white desk right next to our glass door, so it gets plenty of daylight, that I use for drawing and painting. I have been trying my best to get back into fine arts. I have a watercolor portrait I am working on, and I did some watercolor doodles. I also got some Pan Pastels last time I was down in Capitol Hill at Blick. They are just a dream to work with. They are a very soft pastel that is in a pan, rather than being a stick. You use sponges to then apply them to whatever surface you are painting on. They remind me bothof painting and applying eye shadow at the same time, I am really enjoying creating with them. I hope to share some finished work with pastels here shortly.



We got artichokes in our farm box, something I had never cooked before. That's actually something I really like about farm boxes, you get to try new things you may have not cooked with before. I enjoy artichokes a lot, but I had only purchased artichoke hearts before, but never the whole flower. I cut them on half, YouTubed how to remove the choke, gave them a drizzle of olive oil and a generous squeeze of lemon and some garlic salt and popped them in the oven. They we delicious!


Purging and cleaning

2018-02-08 04.33.14 1.jpg

More empty space on the shelves. This week I finished up our winter purge. I go through all the rooms in our house every six months and look critically on what we have, and if we are no longer using it we usually pass it on. I don't care for owning things that I don't use or enjoy any more, and would rather pass them on to someone that will. It also keeps our house easy to clean since we have less clutter and I like having more open spaces. I'll be sharing my bullet jounail and cleaning scheual in an upcoming post.



2018-02-09 02.31.13 1.jpg
2018-02-09 02.31.14 2.jpg
2018-02-09 02.31.14 1.jpg

I haven't made anything with lentils until last week. One of the mother's in my parent baby group shared an easy soup that had lentils in it and it was quite good, but I still had extra lentils so I needed to find something else to make. I made these vegan sloppy joes  since they would use up the lentils I had as well as a lot of the veggies we got in our farm box. If you want an easy meatless meal these we're great! I don't know how much they taste like real sloppy joes since I was probably about eight or younger when I last had one, but these we're yummy and easy for Julia to eat too!


Thanks for peeking into my week. I hope you enjoyed this more casual post. I am going to keep trying to pick up my camera and actually take photos while still watching more Skillshare videos to also improve my technical knowledge. I would love to know what the highlight of your week was in the comments below! Mine was probably going out to dinner and drinks with some of my new friends from the parent baby group I am a part of. What was yours?


On the Go Egg Cups: Baby and Toddler Friendly

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On the Go Egg Cups: Baby and Toddler Friendly (or for anyone that needs something quick in the mornings)

On the Go Egg Cups: Baby and Toddler Friendly

Julia loves these and will happily eat them often. They freeze well, so they are great for the mornings when we need to get out the door quickly or when I need a second cup of coffee before I cook something. You can pop them frozen into the microwave or for a better texture take them out the night before and defrost in the fridge.


Julia can now tolerate soy, but we're still dairy free so these are also dairy free. Whole milk or half & half can be used instead of almond milk and come Gruyere or cheddar would be so yummy.

 |Disclosure |FTC
This post is not sponsored. Some links below are affiliate links.

Things you need:

Muffin tin
Silicone baking cups (these are optional, but they make clean up and storage so easy)
Cutting board
Fork or whisk
Saute pan or skillet and a heatproof spoon/spatula
Oven preheated to 350F


Eggs 5-6 - we use some from a local farm. 
Almond milk - you can obviously use any milk, we're just still dealing with Julia's dairy intolerance
Butter or oil - either one works, just depends on the flavor you like. If you are also dairy free/vegan I like the earth balance fake butter.
Veggies - for this recipe we're using spinach, but use can mix it up (I have more ideas at the end of the post).
Aromatics - shallots (I like shallows for their milk onion-like flavor, use onions, garlic, celery, carrots, fresh herbs, etc to suit your preference).
Spices (optional) - Salt, Pepper, Pakrika, whatever you like!


Step one: Dice your aromatic base, I am using a shallot. 


Step two: Take washed spinach and rough chop it, it's going to cook down so it doesn't need to be pretty. For sturdier veggies I either dice or grate them, you wanna be able to cook them down easily.


Step three: Saute your aromatics until tender. I am using avocado oil to saute my shallot in. 


Step four: Add your vegetables (other toppings)! I am going to cook the spinach down over medium heat until tender. This only takes a few minutes. Keep moving it around to prevent scorching. 


The spinach will cook down a lot, so I usually use what looks like a lot fresh (about 4-5 cups), but it'll be enough for 12 egg cups. 


Step 5: Crack those eggs. I crack them into a measuring cup cause it's easy to pour. I use six for 12 egg cups.


Step six: Beat the eggs with milk until they turn to a lighter yellow. I use just a splash of milk, about two tablespoons.


Step seven: Add any spices you want to add. If this is for a younger baby go lighter, if it's for an older infant or adult add as much as you want. I add paprika and pepper to Julia's as she definitely enjoys flavorful foods, but we do skip the salt for her.


Step eight: Divide your sauteed mixture into the muffin tins. I find my egg cups have a more more even mix if I add in everything first before adding the eggs on top.


Step nine: Pour the egg mixture into the muffin tin and then use a fork to mix it with the veggies in the cup.


Step ten: Bake at 350F for 12-15 minutes until set and/or temperature reads 160F or higher.


I let these cool and then pop them into the freezer. I'll pull one out the night before to reheat in the microwave for quick breakfasts. Julia eats most of these, but I've definitely ended up eating a few as well and I made them often when I was in college. 

More Ideas!

Lots of options:
-Ham & cheese
I use to make these in college and I'll make this kind again once we're not dairy free
-potato leek
leftover potatoes from dinner or hashbrowns work well
-leek & pancetta
this is my favorite kind, brown the pancetta, satue the leeks and after adding the eggs sprinkle some gruyere cheese and parsley YUM
Mushroom & spinach
Chives and zucchini 


I hope you guys enjoyed this first simple recipe post. Let me know if you wanna see more food posts or toddler food posts.

Thanks for reading!


Hello Again: Rambles, lame excuses, and life update

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Well, it's been a while. I started Wondering in Color when I was a crazy list maker and time blocker. While I was busy I could carve out time to post or so I thought. I had ideas and stars of post but they were never posted. Health issues in the family meant more trips and I was pregnant with my first child, but perfectionism is why posts never happened. Perfectionism is a nasty thing, that stifles creativity and keeps me from actually completing things. I will work, and rework, and rework, and trash, and redo, edit, edit, and it's constantly being revised and improved as I try to hit the unattainable bullseye of perfect. I actually really liked the video Hank Green did on his secret to productivity, which is about not shooting for perfection. Here's the link to the video, check it out, it's good. I wanna come back to both my beauty blogging and here at Wondering in Color a little less perfect than before so I can post more and get content out to you guys.


For a while, I ended up taking a step back from a lot of social media and my beauty blogging to recenter and reevaluate as life got crazy with a newborn. My structured schedule is gone having an infant around. I am Julia's caretaker during the week, so I get most of my work done during nap times or after my husband gets home, so I have a lot less time available than before. I also had to deal with some PPOCD, and I am feeling myself again, but my doctor wants me to have more "down time" which has been a huge help. I've been reading more which has actually been lovely as well as cooking more ambitious recipes. I want blogging on Wondering in Color to be part of the "downtime", cause I really enjoy creating content, so WIC will be less formal than what I am posting the the beauty world. I wanna share new recipes I've been loving with you guys, what I've been doing in my bullet journal, maybe a sketchbook post or two and books I've been enjoying. Maybe make a cooking video or Seattle vlog, who knows. 


Anyhow, I am back. A bit less formal and a bit more me than before. I hope you'll enjoy the little less perfected Wondering in Color. Let me know if there are topics that you'd like to see posts on and what if your favorite thing to cook? Let me know in the comments!

 The cutest little time taker-upper! 

The cutest little time taker-upper! 

Waste Less Time

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Waste Less Time, and use your time wisely.


Have a long to do list? Maybe you don't even have a to do list. I love making to do lists. I take larger lists and ones with notes or ideas attached to them and put them on Evernote. I have traditional lists broken into categories on Wunderlist. I like keeping lists digitally since I can access them from my phone, my computer or really anywhere I have a web connection. I also have a planner that I live out of and each evening, I write up my to-do on a note pad for the next day. I got to keep my thoughts organized and try and stay focused.

Personally,  I love making lists!  I get a sense of accomplishment when I tick of a box or strikethrough a task. I am like a dog getting a treat when I get a tick mark, it's ridiculous. Even though I don't have an issue getting things done, I can just be slow at getting through a big list and not as efficient as I should be. However I often feel like I never have enough time to get everything I want to done, well, it's cause I waste time.

 Waste less time, keep lists


I'll browse the internet while a program loads, there goes five minutes. I'll spend too long on Pintrest, when really I should only be using my allotted time for promo and growth. I'll watch a YouTube video that doesn't add value or is in my niche, just cause it sounds interesting. A lot of the time this happens after I've completed my work for the day, but a lot of the tasks I have are personal ones or professional ones that are skill improving. 


Unfortunately, we can't have a day more than twenty-four hours, so you have to cull out the frivolous activities. I am not saying you need to never have fun or do something you enjoy. Actually, I am saying the opposite. Do things that fulfill you! Do things you really enjoy, not that are just entertainment. That is going to look different for everyone, so make sure you take time to think about it. Remove things that are wasting your time. Do you miss them after a month? No, well, maybe you really don't need that in your life.



Things I am limiting or removing from my day:

Reddit, this is a huge time waster for me. While I enjoy reading a lot of the beauty subreddits, you can get on r/all and just scroll. While I would get to see tons of cute corgis, I would also come across things just would not add value to my life and sometimes, things that just would make me upset. I am limiting myself to check once a month to see what is trending on the makeup subreddits, otherwise it's blocked on my computer and phone.


Facebook has benefits, but it is a time waster. Most of the time my feed isn't  things my friends post, just things my friends like, which is usually things out non-mutual friends have posted and I have no connection to them. I also find a lot of people use Faceook as a place to complain, and I don't like to see those posts. I'd love to see everyone post good things that happened in their day instead of the negative things. Overall, I still that Facebook has value. I have some groups I am a part of and it's a way to stay connected to my friends that live far away. Facebook will become a 15 minute a day limit and added onto my App Detox block list and I will be limiting use on my computer as well.


TV is something I find to be rather pointless to have in my life. I won't watch reality TV as I don't find it has any value. Most reality TV is just full of drama and that's why it gets views. For some reason us humans love to watch and be in others drama, but really does that help us or does it just make us irritated. I want to choose happiness so reality TV doesn't have a place in my life. I will be limiting myself to one hour of TV per week. I'll be watching Sherlock, Game of Thrones and Orphan Black for sure, but might not be indulging in many other shows.


Hobbies I care less about are something I've been mulling over for the past two months. This is one of the harder things to cut out, but I've decided it is the best. You can do anything but you can’t do everything, or at least not well. I am choosing to remove the things I am not good at or mediocre at that also fall into the categories of things I don't care to be good at. To proactive those skills I care less about being good at means I would have to sacrifice time on things I want to be better at. I want to dedicate more time to things I really am passionate about. I am donating my old kitting things, my clay, and other random craft things I would have to dedicate too many hours at to become good at. 

Culling the frivolous things means I can pursue passions.


Things I am giving more time to:


Drawing is something I need more mileage in. Drawing can be improved so much by just practicing well. I want to get in 1-2 hours of drawing each day, and that means I need time elsewhere. 


Reading is something I want to do more.  I want to read at least forty books this year. I also have my list on Wunderlist and I am slowly making my way through it. If you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them, share them in the comments!

Writing is something I'd like to be better at. Ideas, thoughts, memories are easiest expressed while wondering in colors and shapes with a brush in my hand. I would like to become more proficiant with words, both to keep this blog going and to improve my beauty blog.


Improving skills is something I want to do in general. Drawing falls into this already, but I am also trying to improve my calligraphy, I want to learn more about video editing, I want to learn new cooking techniques, I want to become better at photography. This things will improve the quality of the content I product on my beauty YouTube, make better food for Jeff and myself  and also improve the products I sell on Etsy.


Being present is one of my yearly goals, and will be easier to accomplish when I have more time to spend wisely. Using my time well will make me less stressed and keep my life more balanced. I can spend my time with my husband, spend more time with friends, spend my time with myself and just enjoying life.

Are there things that you need to remove from your time? Would you give up something you do for a month to see how it goes? Are there things you'd like to accomplish if you had more time? Let me know in the comments and let's chat!



Psst, if you want some help staying focused here are the things I use. I use Cold Turkey to block websites while I am working and other ones that I am removing from my life. I use a Chrome app called StayFocusd to limit my time on time wasting websites. With Focus On, Forest and App Detox on my phone, so I won't scroll it on my phone late at night and stay off blocked websites/apps.

 waste less time

2016 Focus Goals a fresh new year

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A Fresh New Year and 2016 Goals

A planner with no marks

New Years is a nice time, it’s actually one of my favorite times of the year. I love champagne and the clinking of glasses with dear friends. I always listen to New Year, by Death Cab and have for the past ten years or so. The first line is, “So this is the new year and I don’t feel any different…”  and that’s so true, a new year is much like a birthday, you don’t feel a year older when your birthday comes along, it’s just another day in the passing of time. However, I like the newness that a new year can signify. My planner is fresh and ready for pencil marked plans. We have a new number to try and remember when we sign our name. We can also make new goals and try to top last year. Resolutions are too easy to break, you miss a day and then what, and you’ve failed the whole year? I am making goals, with broad brush strokes, to fit my plans into them, so if a day is missed or I mess up I can just realign my focus. In 2016 I have a lot of things I would like to do, so how can I stay focused to achieve those goals, I am going to try with goals to live a more fulfilled, successful and happy life. I have four goals that are more for professional focus and two that are personal. I’ll share them with you, so you know my plans and feel free to share your goals, resolutions, things you’d like to improve on in the New Year.


Live creatively

Grow sphere of influence

Improve Skills

Inspire others

Enrich relationships

Be present

Professional Goals

Living creatively, this is my first focus for the year. Like I said earlier, I want to keep my goals more as a focus, so they are board so that smaller, bite size goals can fit into them and things that don’t fit into the six can be culled or the time I use will be limited when it comes to things that don’t fit.  Live creatively means being creative every day. I want to challenge myself to create and work that muscle. I want to create whether it’s drawing, makeup, words, photography food, etc. it doesn’t matter the medium, just create. Often I will stop when I feel uninspired, instead of breaking through and pushing to keep creating. I think creativity is much like a muscle, you have to keep working at it and pushing yourself harder to keep seeing results and to not grow stiff. Wondering in Color is part of this, I rarely create with words, especially with words that don’t have to do with cosmetics. Wondering in Color is also where I want to share my creatively, so join me and follow along.

Growing reach is my sphere of influence and the most professional goal I have. This is a very businessy goal that doesn’t fit as much with the rest of my goals, but it’s still important to me. I want to continue to grow my RebeccaShoresMUA beauty blog and YouTube. I want to be able to make a more steady income with my beauty blogging and continue to see growth by improving my posts,  videos and makeup skills.

Improving skills is both business and personal. I want to learn more art and makeup techniques, improve my photography, learn to edit better for beauty videos, learn to do beauty editing for Instagram, learn to market my blog better and more. I have so much to learn and I want to never stop learning. I have a lot of things I would love to learn and too little time to do it. I have a thirst for learning new things, but combined with my inherent tenacity I need to do a better job at culling the skills that are less important or I don’t enjoy. So this goal is to help me focus and the skills I need to improve and advance them further, rather than being a jack of all trades. Script, graphic design, watercolors, painting, makeup, skincare, adobe tutorials, writing, those are things I’ll let myself get lost in, but reigning myself in when it comes to things that I don’t care to be good at like knitting or videogames. There is too little time to try and be good at everything. Wondering in Color also ties to this goal, as I want to improve my photography skills, script and writing which I plan to share with you here and on the @wonderingincolor Instagram.

Inspiring others, this is my goal that is hardest to quantify improvement. I want to be different, not for the sake of being different, but for being myself and not aligning with only what’s popular at the time. One of my greatest aspirations is to inspire others to live creatively and to play with colors. I do play with colors on my professional Instagram, in hopes to inspire others to do the same. So that maybe they would see cosmetics not as a way to hide your face, but to be wearable art. If any of you have seen my @rebeccashoresmua Instagram account you would know I often wear looks that are visually fun, but not the most flattering for my coloring or face shape. I view makeup much like a washable tattoo, it’s beautiful and it comes off at the end of the evening. On Wondering in Color, if anyone actually reads, I want to lead by example of living creativity. My creative, more artist side often I hide away, thinking that no one is interested in the things I create that aren’t beauty related, but what even is art if you never share it? I also want to inspire others to be kind, always. I try to always choose my words mindfully and not let hurt feelings get in the way when I am on social media. Wondering in Color as well as my beauty blog are the realization of this goal and this goal is the focus to keep sharing things I’ve created.

Personal Goals

Enriching relationships is something I want to pursue more this year. I want to be better at staying in touch with those I care about. I also want to be more okay with having a few close friends rather than a lot of  friends. I was younger I thought I wanted a lot of friends, as I have gotten older I’ve realized I value quality over quantity. Also, as I’ve grown I have learned that live is so fragile so I must cherish the moments I have with people so get to know them deeper while you can. In this next year, while I practice my skill of script, I plan on writing letters and keeping in touch. I used to live less than a mile from my grandparents, so I want to write letters to feel as if we are close, as I miss them dearly. My best friend and live on opposite borders of the country, I need to make more time to call and catch up. I want to make more skype dates, more lunch plans and ask more questions in the new year.

Being present is my last personal goal. Living in a world full of distractions and having so much at our fingertips, it can be hard to live in the now. I have already turned off all social media push notifications on my phone so now the only time I hear a beep is for texts and phone calls. I like to be able to control when I get those distractions, rather than let beeps and buzzes control me. I am also trying to make a conscious effort to put my phone down and just live. Having a job in social media, I will be that person to take some photos when I go somewhere, but once I get a photo I want to put my phone away and leave it alone. I’ve been unplugging more, leaving my phone in the other room to charge as I work, choosing books over browsing and choosing people in front of me over the noise of the web.

Often I wish I could live a thousand lives.  I could get to know everyone on a deeper level, I could learn so many new skills, I could be a painter, chief,  MUA, photographer and a world traveler,  there’s so much I want to do! I could try so many things, but this isn’t the case, I’ve been given only one life on earth so I want to live it to the best of my abilities. My goals, my foci for 2016 are to help keep me on a path to realize the things that I want to succeed in, live life to the fullest, and learn in this New Year. I will be striving do things that can fit into one of these six focus categories and cull out the things that don’t fit. I’ll be sharing more as the year goes on and may expand on a few points since blogging is one way of sharing my thoughts and what I am up to.

Let me know in the comments if you make resolutions or focuses and if so, what they are. Let’s chat!